Our Voice at the Capitol

Representative Baker has served House District 60 as their voice at the Capitol since 2016. Prior to being elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives, Rep. Baker was a middle school English teacher who spent nearly two decades in the profession at the middle school, high school and collegiate levels. 

Rep. Baker is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor's degree in Communications and a Master's degree in Education. She and her husband, Les, also an educator, are owners of a successful small irrigation business. They have been married 26 years and have three children.  

Finding Real Solutions and Making a Difference

  • Rep. Baker fought to improve teacher pay and increased funding to our schools to improve educational outcomes. "This past session saw a historic increase in teacher pay and 19% additional funding. My voters told me to 'help education,' and I did."

  • Fought against the repeal of the Capital Gains tax exemption and an increase in income taxes. "These two issues protect our agricultural community, small business owners, retirees as well as those on a fixed income. My farmers and small business owners asked for protection, and I protected them."

  • Fought to ensure state agencies would not receive another year of crippling budget cuts. "This year has been the strongest fiscal outlook in 10 years. We have worked dilligently to provide economic stability to our state. 

  • Named Chairman of the Common Education Committee (first member of her Freshman legislative class to receive a chairmanship.) 



  • Committee Member: House Appropriations and Budget Subcommittee on Education, the Children Youth and Family Services Committee, the Judiciary Committee on Criminal Justice Corrections, and the Oversight Committee.  
  • Rising Star Award recipient from the State Chamber of Commerce. This award is given to one freshman Representative and Senator each legislative session. 

  • Member of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau 100% Club for voting in favor of issues important to Oklahoma's farmers and ranchers.

  • 100% REID rating for support of pro-business legislation

  • Strong supporter of our second amendment rights. 

  • Appointed Commissioner with the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women. This organization strengthens and empowers women in Oklahoma by improving their opportunities and quality of life. 

  • 100% REID rating for supporting Pro-Buisness Issues

  • 100% voting record supporting Pro-Second Amendment Issues

  • 100% voting record supporting Pro-Life Issues