Pro - Life

Economic Growth

Growing up in an agriculturally-based family, Rhonda understands how hard our farmers and ranchers work to provide us with the safest and most affordable food supply in the world. Rhonda will always work hard reduce burdensome regulations that prohibit our family farmers and their ability to operate. 


Rhonda comes from a family of avid hunters. She believes Americans should always have the right to keep and bear arms and will never vote against the second amendment. This is a constitutionally protected right and Rhonda believes it must not be infringed. 

As small business owner, Rhonda understands how burdensome regulations can affect our local businesses. Rhonda knows these businesses fuel our economy and she will work hard to keep them in our communities. The last thing we should be worrying about is increased taxes to pay for an already bloated government. Rhonda will work to keep taxes low.   . 

As a school teacher, Rhonda understands the difficulties teachers face every day while serving our most precious resource, our children. Rhonda will work to reduce or cap out of control administrative spending so our teachers have more resources going directly to the classroom. She will work to ensure our schools get the funding they need so important programs are not cut, which only hurts our children. 

Rhonda is 100% pro-life and will always support the sanctity of life from conception to death. 


Pro - Second Ammendment

Providing safe roads and bridges are vital to our state's success. Rhonda will work to preserve transportation funding to keep our roads in operable condition.