"I believe Rhonda Baker is an individual that can be trusted in all areas including education, agriculture, and business and industry. Rhonda will listen and work hard for the people in House District 60 and the state of Oklahoma."

    - Senator Ron Justice, District 23 representing parts of Grady, Canadian and Kingfisher counties.

"Rhonda Baker will be a champion for Oklahoma businesses. She will support meaningful reforms that help to create quality jobs and opportunities for hardworking Oklahomans. Rhonda Baker understands the issues facing Oklahoma businesses and has the experience needed to lead on these issues."

     - State Chamber of Oklahoma

"Rhonda has a leadership style that enables her to work well with people of all backgrounds. She understands our needs in education, as well as business and industry, and will work for our best interests."

     - Matt White, El Reno Mayor

"Rhonda is a conservative, common-sense leader with the experience to make a difference for House District 60. She knows that we cannot continue to ignore the important issues like education, healthcare, our economy and the budget."

     - Representative Leslie Osborn, District  47 representing parts of Canadian and Grady counties. 

"I have known Rhonda Baker for several years and believe her honesty and integrity will represent everyone in District 60 well. She will bring passion to the State House of Representatives and we all need that type of leadership representing us."

     - John Corn, Chief of Police, Yukon