About Rhonda Baker 

Rhonda Baker is a junior high school teacher and comes from a long line of teachers and farmers. She attended and graduated from Yukon High School, and has lived in our community for 33 years. Rhonda attended Redlands Community College and UCO, where she later finished her master's degree in education. She has been an educator for 18 years. Rhonda met her husband, Les, who is also a teacher, in college and they married in 1991. They have three children, Kaylen, 22, Ally, 17, and Colby, 13. All three children have or currently attend Yukon Public Schools. Kaylen graduated from Yukon in 2012 and Oklahoma State University in 2016. Ally graduated from Yukon in 2016 and currently attends Oklahoma State University. Colby is currently an 8th grader at Yukon Middle School.

Aside from serving our students as a teacher, mentor and coach, Rhonda is very active in the community. She can often be found at after-school events supporting her students, has served as an officer for the Yukon Ag Booster club, and has volunteered for many charitable organizations including the Ronald McDonald House and the Manna Pantry. Rhonda and Les also own a small business in our community. 

Rhonda and her family attend Life Church in Yukon. 

Rhonda is ready to work hard for you. She loves to meet new people and enjoys hearing everyone's perspective on important issues facing our state.